Nurselog Group of Three


These Western Red Cedar side tables are dual-purpose, bringing a touch of the forest into your home. Mimicking rain forest stumps that grow mosses and ferns from their tops, a round glass insert allows a small arrangement of plants to add a living element to a functional surface. Each Nurselog side table is custom made — no two are alike. Perfect for outdoor living areas: when left to weather in the elements this piece will acquire a natural silver finish.


Western red cedar, recycled glass planter insert


Hand rubbed oil and beeswax polish.


– Solid wood top
– Solid wood top with round flush insert
– Upholstered seat top
– Varying heights when grouped 

18-24”w x 18”h (8”w x 3”h round flush insert)
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Nurselog Single with Planter
Nurselog Group of Three No.2
Nurselog Group of Three No.3
Nurselog Planter Detail
Nurselog Planter Insert