Peace Industry Rugs

Hinterland Design's collaboration with Peace Industry, builds on both companies passion for contemporary rugs in modern interiors. These 100% carpet grade lamb's wool and natural dyes felt rugs take a post-modern turn with Memphis-deco inspired geometric shapes floating on a pale gray field. Accents include a radius curve and asymmetrically applied fringe add playful details and colours.

Peace Industry, based out of San Francisco, is the only designer, producer, and retailer of Iran-made felt area rugs in modern history. The rugs are handmade in their workshop in Isfahan, Iran which carries on the 8000 year old tradition.

The rugs are entirely chemical free, reversible, have no backing, and do not require a rug pad.

To see Hinterland's original designed rugs, visit our showroom at 503 Railyway in Vancouver and for more information about Peace Industry visit


Felted lamb's wool

6'w x 8'l
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